Accelerates Windows 10 adoption
Microsoft are forcing an accelerated migration to Windows 10 which is required for up to date protection, which often requires a hardware upgrade, and impacts IT budgets.
DaaS provides a cost effective method of sourcing new hardware, stretching budgets to go further.
Hardware refresh planning / strategy
Hardware refresh cycles were often linked to the lifecycle of an operating system, however Windows 10 introduces a new ‘evergreen’ or ‘as-a-service’ model with updates every 6 months. This means technology updates will be more frequent and unpredictable.
DaaS enables a technology refresh with no up-front capital investment which makes costs more predictable but also provides the flexibility to adapt with the ever changing Windows 10 requirements.
Staying ahead of the curve in the fight with cybercrime
DaaS by Xeretec enables Windows 10 to provide ongoing security updates from an operating system perspective, and HP to provide industry leading hardware and BIOS level security innovations, including self-healing BIOS, electronic privacy screens and using artificial intelligence.
Modernising IT support to reduce cost
DaaS by Xeretec significantly reduces the workload on the traditional IT function, using artificial intelligence, analytics and external resource to take away the day to reduce the volume of work by taking away the day to day low-level and mundane tasks, leaving IT teams to focus on high value projects for the business
Consider the changing profile of the workforce and user experience
With a younger, more technology savvy, and mobile workforce, along with increasingly open and collaborative workspace and the importance of user experience, the demands on IT have never been greater.
DaaS enables a flexible, mobile device selection & support model that empowers users & IT to work more effectively together
Reduce pressure on IT budgets
Make investments go further, spreading the payments over a longer period which has a lower impact on each years budgets, and remove the need for up-front capital investment.
Leverage additional support to up-scale your team or expertise, supported organically via DaaS instead of capital or operational expenditure