Q: What is DaaS?
A: DaaS by Xeretec is a simple, cost-effective way to implement technology and deliver a modern user experience without significant capital or resource investment. Find out more.
Q: How does DaaS differ from buying hardware on a lease?
A: DaaS delivers more than the latest technology without upfront capital investments. DaaS supports your devices throughout their life. From predictive device analytics and onsite technical support to secure recycling for outgoing kit, DaaS helps teams collaborate productively and securely. It can also enable a simple ‘plug and play’ user experience without direct IT involvement, freeing up IT staff.
Q: Which hardware manufacturers and service providers do you work with?
A: We work with a variety of hardware manufacturers and software vendors to bring you the very best in computing technology. Our key partners include HP, Microsoft and Apple.
Q: Can other devices be added to my bundle as I have bespoke needs?
A: Absolutely. We can supply and configure the specialist hardware and accessories your organisation needs. Call us for advice or speak to your account manager.
Q: What happens to my fleet at the end of the contract?
A: DaaS by Xeretec can provide full end-of-life and refresh services at the end of the contract. Device decommissioning and replacement can be handled by us without your staff’s involvement, freeing up their time. Speak to your account manager for details.
Q: Can I buy accessories and peripherals at a later date if necessary?
A: Yes – all accessories, monitors and peripherals are available for individual purchase from this site. Simply log in to your account and click on ‘buy accessories’ to access your personal accessories store.
Q: I’ve placed my order, what next?
A: Upon registering for an account, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to your organisation. They’ll keep you updated throughout the order, build, delivery and deployment process, and stay in touch throughout the life of your contract.
Q: Why should I choose DaaS by Xeretec over other DaaS providers?
A: The Xeretec Group is the UK’s leading independent integrator of digital print hardware, software, solutions and services. As an independent service provider rather than a hardware vendor, we tailor our solutions to our customers’ needs rather than to our products.