About DaaS

The future of work is changing. Staying relevant in the digital age can be time-consuming and costly without expert IT support. DaaS by Xeretec can help you quickly and easily equip your workforce with the managed devices and applications they need to work productively and securely. DaaS also provides you with a flexible payment model. See more on what is driving the change to DaaS below.

About Xeretec

What is Driving Change?

Managed services are the future. The end of free support for Windows 7, the IT expectations of a growing millennial workforce, and need to keep hardware and software up-to-date and secure are making IT increasingly time-consuming, challenging and costly to manage in-house. Device as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) simplify and streamline IT functions, helping to boost productivity and free up staff time. DaaS also allows you to spread payment, making access to the latest technology and updates more affordable than the traditional purchasing model.

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