What is Daas? Delivering the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of a PC

Unlike traditional purchasing models DaaS goes beyond the product itself and incorporates optional IT services, pro-active and predictive device management, on site support, analytics and expert guidance to Improve the IT and user experience. The competitive pay per month model removes the need to find capital budgets, spreads the costs over years and makes future upgrades as easy as swapping your phone for a next generation model.

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DaaS is Critical to Business Success

(on average) of IT budgets go towards devices; this spending is expected to increase
Say devices are an important part of the employee experience
(on average) TCO reduction by utilising DaaS
Reduction in IT staff hours needed for lifecycle services by utilising DaaS
Reduction in IT helpdesk hours per PC by utilising DaaS

Daas Business Case

Only 19% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a PC or Device relates to it’s up-front purchase costs. Therefore...
81% of the true costs associated with a PC or device are incurred post-sale!

Unlike the majority of PC and IT suppliers, DaaS by Xeretec enables customers to unlock significant savings potential by improving and supporting your fleet beyond the initial sale. Our unique Total Cost of Ownership calculator helps our customers identify the true cost to their business and unlock the true savings potential.

DaaS Lite

DaaS lite is a simple ‘out of the box’ offering designed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership on PC technology investments with minimal delay or complexity for small or less complex organisations.

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DaaS Pro

DaaS Pro enables us to create a unique service proposition tailored specifically to deliver the lowest cost of ownership on PC technology investments for larger or more complex organisations, and to address specific business challenges

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Why move to DaaS?

Stay up-to-date and secure with the latest Windows 10 technology
Deliver the best user experience and attract top talent with the best technology
Reduce the workload on IT by better managing your technology with automated, pro-active hardware and software analytics
Optimise cash flow by removing the need for up-front capital outlay and spreading your investment
Accelerate the delivery of IT projects using shared resource
Relax knowing your data and devices are secure, from the hardware up

How Does it Work?

Complete our simple step by step process to take your DaaS bundle from design, through to order & set-up.
  • 1. Choose user type
  • 2. Choose hardware & accessories
  • 3. Choose implementation services
  • 4. Choose support services
  • 5. Choose contract term
  • 6. Receive bundle cost
Our core product portfolio ensures our customers benefit from key standards such as build quality, security profile, user features and technical architecture while reducing the unnecessary complexity that comes from having almost infinite choice, without direction. Select the device format that best fits the requirement (i.e. desktop PC, traditional laptop, convertible laptop or tablet) and then select the usage profile (i.e. standard user, or enhanced user) and we will recommend the optimal product and specification for you.